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So the cost:

To subscribe to the service, load your customer email addresses into the system is £28.50, thereafter you can add as many more email address as you want.*


Thereafter it is £12.92 per month, no contract no minimum term you can start or stop whenever you want to.


*(currently limited to 1000)

As all customers receive the same email we can send them out in bulk, thus keeping the cost low..


If we priced higher you may think about doing it yourself!






The system is designed in such a way that the cost to you is low.

Try the

We have a series of emails for each sector, and they are sent out on specific days.

For the year is just £155 this equates to £2.98 per week, less than a price of a magazine? Compare this to an advert in your local paper.

Free book request


60 day trial

Try it, Like it, Keep it.

No contract or commitment