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If the customer does not opt out , they will begin receiving regular emails on a variety of subjects relating to the company sector.


Each email will appear to have been sent by the company to whom the customer belongs, and will contain the company’s information if the customer wishes to follow up any of the topics in the email.


At The-Emailer we take your privacy very seriously. We will never give yours or your customers personal details to anyone without your permission, and if you wish to be removed from our system, all you have to do is ask, and your customers should never receive another email from us on your behalf.

If the customer  unsubscribes they will not get any further emails from us. This is to prevent unauthorised  emails.


.A Company joins the service by completing a small form in which the details of the company and who the emails will come from.

The next step is adding your customers email address to the service, this can be done in several ways, please contact us to discuss the best way for your business.


The customer is then sent an email in which they have the choice to opt out of the emails.


The-Emailer is an E-mailing service for small businesses and their customers.