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Every business gains and loses customers. Customer satisfaction is critical to gaining more customers and losing less of the ones you already have.


So we think most businesses need it, how you achieve it that is the problem.


Option 1.   Use your own PC with either Microsoft Outlook or a similar product, and remember to email                    your clients every month.

Option 2.   On the Internet you will find many free downloadable software that will help you contact your

                  clients, add you customers set up the system and away you go.

Option 3 .  Use a marketing company, they will come and take the problem away from you.


Option 4.   the-emailer


So why use us?

We have the emails and the system set up and ready to go

We do all the work (you supply the initial email address of your clients)

We charge less than £3 per week.


One local advert to get new or existing customers is say £150 each month that is £1800, you can market all your customers or prospective customers for £155.




A Business without a customer retention plan will lose income.


It's a constant battle to gain new customers.


Why overlook the value of you're existing customers.